Navigating the pathway to a fair and equitable nature positive future.

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Nature Equity Project will shine light on fair and equitable pathways towards a nature positive future. The project nests within Pollination Foundation’s strategy to cross pollinate ideas and mobilise the power of storytelling for evidence of positive change.


Investment in climate and nature solutions is accelerating, with growing interest from the private sector. The momentum is exciting, but not without risk.

Indigenous peoples across the world have survived the impact of colonisation and other forms of dispossession, and today their territories encompass approximately a quarter of the world’s land and waters.

Science has proven that Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities are the stewards of some of the most biologically diverse landscapes across the globe. More than a third of Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) coincide with Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities lands.

But our economic systems and markets are geared to flowing finance through buying and taking exclusive ownership of land and water. This often leads to the marginalisation of Indigenous and local communities who for millennia have protected their territories and sustained nature for the benefit of us all.

As we track towards a nature positive future how do we reshape our market systems to be more inclusive and how do we ensure the benefits can be shared more equitably?

Only by working with our partners and across our networks will we surface examples of how investors, companies, communities and governments are partnering to overcome these challenges. The initiative will identify examples of shared value market initiatives and amplify best practice models through the Story Lab, so others can take them on with confidence. The evidence will help us build the case for doing things differently and shine a light on what’s possible when we put humanity at the heart of our solutions.



Project Contact

Ariadne Gorring

Co-CEO Pollination Foundation

Ariadne is passionate about Indigenous-led cultural conservation, working with the Kimberley Land Council (KLC) for over 20 years on native title and cultural and natural resource management. Ariadne worked with 14 Native Title groups to register the West Kimberley on the National Heritage List. She led the registration of the North Kimberley Savanna Carbon Projects – the first in Australia to be registered on native title lands. She has engaged with national and international networks to promote best practice models of Indigenous led conservation. She was a Committee Member, World Indigenous Network Conference in Darwin; and Presenter at World Parks Congress, Sydney, and United Nations Climate Change Conference, Paris. She’s an Atlantic Fellow for Social Equity Melbourne University; and recipient of The Nature Conservancy’s Barbara Thomas Fellowship in Conservation Financing.


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