Mobilising finance to restore health to landscapes and communities.

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Marketplace for Nature nests within Pollination Foundation’s strategy to grow solutions – stimulating and scaling new market opportunities for nature-based climate solutions.

Biodiversity loss is one of the biggest risks we face in the coming decade. It is crucial to the survival of all life on earth – including humanity.

Though chronically underfunded, the financing that protects and restores nature does work: Between 1996 and 2008, conservation investments resulted in a 29% (average) reduction in extinction risk for mammals and birds.

In response to growing awareness of the need to invest more in nature, an informal network of nature conservation and Indigenous-focused organisations came together to explore how biodiversity markets can play a greater role in safeguarding Australia’s ecosystems.

Together, the ‘Biodiversity Credits Working Group’ is focused on increasing the flow of financial investment into nature conservation by establishing a Marketplace for Nature to connect buyers with sellers. This will provide opportunity to invest in nature through diverse products and strategies, from the small to the large.

The initiative aims to develop a prototype marketplace for nature, along the way weaving a network and community of practice to grow the market. Getting there will involve engaging sector leaders to discover the unique needs of producers and buyers and will include a series of convenings to connect private, government, philanthropic and not-for-profit sector leaders.

Marketplace for Nature is a win-win: It is designed to grow Indigenous and community nature-based enterprise and improve the management and protection of natural resources as the flow of finance into nature-based solutions increases. It seeks to build communities, partnerships and networks willing to explore and realise new ways to scale nature-based solutions and at the same time, grow confidence amongst corporate and financial sectors and governments, in the value of investing in nature.

Pollination Foundation’s role is to incubate the Marketplace for Nature until it’s ready to launch independently.

The Marketplace for Nature is designed to grow nature-based enterprise and increase the flow of finance into nature-based initiatives.

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Project partners

The Marketplace for Nature is a collaborative initiaitve delivered in partnership with leading Australian Indigenous, conservation and agricultural organisations


Project contact

Jane Hutchinson

Co-CEO Pollination Foundation

Jane is a leader in nature conservation with over 20 years experience as an Executive and Non-Executive Director of multiple and varied conservation organisations including Accounting for Nature, The Nature Conservancy Australia Program, Australian Land Conservation Alliance, Midlands Conservation Fund and Tasmanian Land Conservancy. Jane is currently Chair of the Executive Council of the Protected Areas Learning and Research Collaboration (PAC) and is a member of the Australia Committee of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (ACIUCN).  Jane received a Barbara Thomas Fellowship in 2014, Harvard Club of Australia Fellowship in 2017 and was awarded Tasmanian Australian of the Year 2016 for her contribution to nature conservation.


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Mobilising investment in nature-based solutions through harmonising law, policy and finance.


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