Harnessing the power of storytelling to harvest and share our learnings.

Melinda Macleod BHP Foundation and Devon Ballantyne Misipawistik Cree Nation (Canada) viewing the 10 Deserts Cultural Fire Strategy during the Ampliseed cross project Exchange, Yulara, Central Australia 2019

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The Story Lab is the seed of an idea to co-create and share stories that speak to how we transition to a climate resilient future. The project nests within Pollination Foundation’s strategy to mobilise the power of storytelling for positive change and evidence of impact.


Stories have the power to shape the world.

Bridging cultures and generations, stories have informed every stage of human history, distributing knowledge, making sense of complexity, helping us to learn and grow our understanding. Sharing stories allows us to see through the eyes of others, creating connection and opening us to infinite possibility.

Insights drawn from catalytic initiatives do not spread on their own, they need to be caught, understood and communicated in a compelling way to inspire changes in behaviour. Crafting authentic and captivating narratives that weave data with storytelling is therefore essential to the success of all our initiatives.

Inspired by Ampliseed, the Story Lab harvests learnings and draws insights from project activities, place-based economies, and other environmental initiatives. Cross referencing these with evidence and expertise from external networks will allow us to create stories as authentic as they are compelling.

Stories from the field aims to bring project narratives to life; observations from a richly diverse community of participants add texture, context, nuance and depth to project impacts, both immediate and ongoing. Combining these elements with data will create a powerful narrative to influence and drive change.

Encompassing the full spectrum of media – from podcasts to web content, social media, video, audio and more – the Story Lab aims to identify how project outcomes can apply in other situations, and will provide an invaluable resource of knowledge that captures change and impact over time. This bank of stories will build a robust knowledge base through which partners can share significant learnings with external audiences, encouraging and enabling others to take on new approaches with confidence.


Project Contact

Lauren Austin

Communications and Design

Lauren is a visual designer and digital content producer based in Sydney, Australia. Motivated by the scale and urgency of the climate emergency, she has built her career out of helping non-profit and socially minded organisations create impactful campaigns, memorable branding and creative digital communications to help tell powerful stories to create meaningful change.


Kirsty Galloway-McLean

Executive Director

Kirsty is a leader in global environmental governance and knowledge management, including 15 years with the UN working on sustainable development and information sharing. She is passionate about making policies practical, information accessible, and the power of people-led nature conservation. Kirsty previously led the climate change and communications department of the Traditional Knowledge Initiative at Japan’s United Nations University, and she set up the first globally distributed information exchange system under international law for the Convention on Biological Diversity in Montreal. She ran the cross-disciplinary research Centre for the Mind at the Australian National University, was an advisor on risk assessment and intellectual property for the Australian government, and established BioChimera, a Melbourne-based consulting firm that specialises in assisting international environmental agencies and philanthropic foundations working with Indigenous peoples. Kirsty has authored four books on climate change and Indigenous peoples, edited several scientific and technical journals, and written numerous articles on climate change adaptation, mitigation, REDD+, safeguards, access and benefit-sharing, Indigenous livelihoods, and traditional knowledge.


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