We accelerate nature-based initiatives that put humanity at the heart of climate solutions.

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Over millennia our complex web of ecosystems have created an environment that sustains all life on earth.

For humans, natural ecosystems are critical to our health and wellbeing.

For Indigenous people and local communities globally, nature holds deep spiritual meaning.

But today, these vital ecosystems are being degraded and are disappearing rapidly. Species are becoming extinct at unprecedented rates. Climate change is amplifying this loss, further diminishing the resilience of nature to adapt and recover.

Meanwhile, the laws, policies, decision-making frameworks and practices designed to protect nature are failing us.

At Pollination Foundation we are taking a new approach.


Place-based economies will create a climate resilient future where people and nature thrive.

Local economies thrive

through diverse nature-based enterprise at different scales and across multiple themes such as bush foods, botanicals & regenerative agriculture, nature restoration & habitat protection, nature-based tourism, carbon farming, aquaculture and water protection.

knowledge is valued

and woven into a systems-based approach, elevating community knowledge and inspiring us to reimagine and nurture our relationship with nature.

Nature is valued

recognising that all life depends on it and that significant, sustained investment in natural ecosystems is critical.

Landscapes are healthy and resilient

because the relationship between people and nature is respected, allowing ecosystems to adapt and thrive through changes including climate shocks.

A people-centered approach is the bridge to achieving a climate resilient, nature positive future.

This requires sustained and long-term investment into growing leadership, and strengthening the capacity of people leading the work.


Our strategy and who we work with.

Seed innovation

Partner with Indigenous and local communities to incubate nature-based enterprise founded on culture, creativity, and deep knowledge of ecosystem health.

Grow solutions

Collaborate with philanthropy, business, governments, and the finance sector to unlock resources and investments to grow and sustain nature-based initiatives.

Cross pollinate ideas

Connect practitioners and nurture high-trust relationships, engage and amplify collective learning, and support leadership and advocacy.

Share stories of hope

Share stories of hope, grounded in evidence and told through the voices of our partners.

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As a registered not-for-profit with Deductable Gift Recipient (DGR) status, our work is supported by partners who share our values and vision for the future.


Pollination Foundation builds deep partnerships to create lasting change. We partner with Indigenous and community led organisations who are creative thinkers, open to new ideas and hold a vision for intergenerational change. We commit to a distributed leadership model with knowledge and expertise embedded across the community and we look for strong governance, because the decisions we make today shape our future.

We partner with donors and businesses who are bold in their vision and open to testing new pathways because yesterday’s solutions are not fit for today’s challenges. We look for partners who respect that system change takes time and focus on learning together.

Through our sole member Pollination – a specialist climate change investment and advisory firm – we have access to knowledge, networks and expertise in strategy, policy, law, finance, investment, renewable energy and environmental markets.

Image credit: Wayne Quilliam

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