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Pollination Foundation publishes its first Member Report

06 November 2023 / WORDS BY Ariadne Gorring and Jane Hutchinson

Pollination Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation within Pollination Global Holdings Limited (PGHL), a specialist investment and advisory firm with a focus on climate and nature solutions.

We launched Pollination Foundation in 2020 with our eyes wide open. We knew that standing up a not-for profit Foundation within a start-up company, based on partnerships with communities, at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, wouldn’t be easy. But, with an awareness of the size and scale of the challenges in front of us, we knew we needed to do business differently.

Grounded in decades of lived experience designing and delivering nature stewardship programs, we intrinsically understood that a people-centered approach is the bridge to achieving a climate resilient, nature positive future. This requires sustained and long-term investment into growing leadership, and strengthening the capacity of people leading the work.

This report is the first to the sole member of the Foundation, PGHL. It is designed to capture our experiences, and amplify the insights gained over the past three years and enable us to move forward
with confidence. The Pollination team, our partners and our ecosystem of stakeholders all want to know more about Pollination Foundation – where we started, what we’ve achieved, what we’ve learnt, and where we’re heading.



Pollination Foundation is a small, agile and passionate team, connected by our shared love of nature and people, and committed to sharing stories of hope. As a collaborative organisation, we support our partners in delivering innovative projects to achieve systemic change.

Because of this unique role, attributing impact is complex.

So, as we forge new pathways together, sharing what we learn (including the steps to achieving ambitious goals) is just as important as reaching our final destination. Our hope is that our past experiences provide you with insights and learning with the insights, learning and confidence to do things differently.

Click the link below to download the full report. Click here to learn more about Pollination Foundation. 


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