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Nature the most fundamental form of capital

26 August 2020 / WORDS BY Martijn Wilder AM

A new investment thematic – Natural Capital – is emerging.  Natural capital can help pension and sovereign wealth funds meet their need for mandated returns, and satisfy their requirements to do so in a way that is not only less harmful, but has the potential to restore the environment.

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Don’t set sights on a single massive global loss and damage fund: start small and start now

18 November 2022 / WORDS BY James Cameron - Senior Advisor

It might look messy, but a series of smaller funds and mechanisms involving the private sector will get more money flowing to where it needs to go – and faster

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Sharm el Sheikh: Pollination at COP27

08 November 2022 / WORDS BY Pollination

As COP27 gets underway in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt the team from Pollination will be on the ground alongside our project partners to accelerate the transition to a net zero, nature positive future. 

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WATCH: The role of the private sector in climate adaptation finance

28 October 2022 / WORDS BY Pollination

What are some of the important levers that will need to be pulled when it comes to adaptation? As integration of climate and nature in mainstream investments continues, how can the international development community define the sweet spot between high risk/ high impact situations and mainstream activity? Pollination Executive Director Deniz Harut addresses these questions and more in this Devex Invested session.

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WATCH: How do we ensure a ‘just transition’ to nature positive?

23 September 2022 / WORDS BY Pollination

In Part 2, we explored the importance of a just and equitable transition, as we move toward a nature positive world.

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Inside Pollination: Luke Fletcher on why he switched career and what makes him optimistic about the future.

02 September 2022 / WORDS BY Pollination and Luke Fletcher, Director

Continuing our series of interviews from inside the Pollination community we talked to Luke Fletcher, a Director in our London team, about humankind’s capacity to adapt and why he’s optimistic about the future.

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ARCHIVE: NatCap Wrap – July

20 August 2022 / WORDS BY Laura Waterford, Director at Pollination

In this edition of the NatCap Wrap our focus is on water, with new studies highlighting the clear financial risk for companies. Plus, we take a look at some pioneering EU nature-focused initiatives, and find out which countries are the main culprits when it comes to overshooting planetary boundaries.

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