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Nature the most fundamental form of capital

26 August 2020 / WORDS BY Martijn Wilder AM

A new investment thematic – Natural Capital – is emerging.  Natural capital can help pension and sovereign wealth funds meet their need for mandated returns, and satisfy their requirements to do so in a way that is not only less harmful, but has the potential to restore the environment.

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Decarbonisation critical to Australia’s economic recovery

21 August 2020 / WORDS BY Martijn Wilder AM

As Australia rebuilds its economy after the coronavirus shock, projects that move the country to net zero emissions must be prioritised.

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Can Australia’s COVID-19 recovery spending also help combat climate concerns?

21 August 2020 / WORDS BY Patrick Suckling

The world needs the best possible route out of the pandemic and that needs to be climate smart because this presents the best prospects for recovery.

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Momentum Grows for a ‘Green’ Economic Recovery

21 August 2020 / WORDS BY Rick Saines ONM

There is a growing chorus of leaders across the spectrum of government, business and civil society calling for seizing the opportunity to marry economic growth with an accelerated transition to a net-zero emission, climate-resilient future

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Australia is about to blow a once-in-a-generation opportunity

18 July 2020 / WORDS BY Patrick Suckling & Kevin Rudd

Spending decisions by governments now will shape our economic future for decades to come. In other words, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity and can’t blow it.

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Reaping a double dividend on growth and climate from COVID-19 recovery spending

17 June 2020 / WORDS BY Patrick Suckling

Economic recovery from COVID-19 can reap a double dividend from climate-smart stimulus packages that maximise jobs and growth, while advancing the climate action the world so urgently needs.

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Climate change is the next Covid-19

04 May 2020 / WORDS BY John Morton

The good news is that the parallels between Covid-19 and climate change differ in one critical respect. The transition to a global low-carbon economy represents the most predictable and consequential economic transformation in human history. So while climate change is among the largest challenges the global community has ever faced, it also represents a springboard for massive economic growth.

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