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Nature the most fundamental form of capital

26 August 2020 / WORDS BY Martijn Wilder AM

A new investment thematic – Natural capital – is emerging.  Natural capital can help pension and sovereign wealth funds meet their need for mandated returns, and satisfy their requirements to do so in a way that is not only less harmful, but has the potential to restore the environment.

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Harnessing data for nature: how businesses can lead with natural capital accounting

25 May 2024 / WORDS BY Pollination

Drawing on expertise from various sectors, Pollination’s Head of Nature, Dr. Carter Ingram, recently co-led the development of a new peer-reviewed paper in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, exploring how businesses can leverage natural capital accounting to evaluate, manage, and report their impacts and dependencies on nature. We sat down with Carter to learn more about this growing body of work and how it will enable more informed nature-related business practices and investments.

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Building towards better: How the built environment sector can get started with nature

02 May 2024 / WORDS BY Sophie St John

It’s time for the built environment sector to seize the opportuities on offer as we mobilise to tackle the climate and nature crises.

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The 5 megatrends driving Asia’s climate and nature transition

17 April 2024 / WORDS BY Diego de Sartiges and Luke Fletcher

Here they are, the five megatrends driving action on climate and nature across Southeast Asia. How well are you and your company positioned when it comes to these megatrends and what are you currently doing about it?

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Protected: Decoding Article 6 in 2024

04 April 2024 / WORDS BY Sophie Leitch, Beatriz Sampaio, Rachel Barrales and Veda FitzSimons

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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World Ocean Summit: we need a blue revolution.


It was fantastic to join the conversation at the World Ocean Summit in Lisbon last week and see governments, finance, corporations, NGOs, and academia come together to discuss the scaling of a sustainable blue economy. The conversation focused on how we can unlock the ocean’s potential to tackle the climate biodiversity crises by scaling investment while also building stakeholder trust.  

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Building the base for nature positive across the built environment

19 March 2024 / WORDS BY Guy Williams and Sophie St John

The built environment, and associated infrastructure sector, is very well placed to pursue ambitious nature targets.

When it comes to nature risk and opportunity, there’s a fallacy we sometimes see amongst corporates that it’s a new space, impossibly complex, and must be completely understood before it can be addressed. Those who put nature in the ‘too hard’ basket are failing to recognise the opportunities it presents, and the scale of relevant work and data they have often already accumulated. Few companies would be approaching nature from a standing start if they were to start planning more deliberately and explicitly for it today. The reality is we already know an awful lot about nature, what is needed and what impacts we are having – and this is particularly true in the built environment sector.

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