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Nature the most fundamental form of capital

26 August 2020 / WORDS BY Martijn Wilder AM

A new investment thematic – Natural Capital – is emerging.  Natural capital can help pension and sovereign wealth funds meet their need for mandated returns, and satisfy their requirements to do so in a way that is not only less harmful, but has the potential to restore the environment.

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The emerging governance landscape for biodiversity credit markets

28 March 2023 / WORDS BY Laura Waterford

Biodiversity credits are quickly becoming part of the policy agenda for increasing the flow of private sector financing into projects that will halt and reverse nature loss. They are a new, emerging instrument, and this means we have the chance to shape the market to ensure credits truly create nature-positive results – and that they do so sustainably and equitably.

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What companies need to know about behavioural economics and sustainability: Meet Michael Hiscox

01 March 2023 / WORDS BY Michael Hiscox

What do companies need to know when it comes to sustainability and behavioural economics? Our newest Senior Advisor has the answers.

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COP15 agreement in the spotlight – a ‘New Deal for Nature’

20 December 2022 / WORDS BY Jane Hutchinson and Laura Waterford

Returning from the UN Biodiversity COP 15 in Montreal, Pollination Foundation’s Co-CEO Jane Hutchinson and Pollination Director Laura Waterford share their thoughts on the historic agreement reached at the event.

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Reflections on COP27: a difficult COP, but with promising developments


After having achieved significant outcomes at COP26, and with a backdrop of global energy, food and economic crises, expectations for COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh were more measured.

While there have been some shortfalls in the outcome of COP27, the annual negotiations are not the only way to pursue meaningful action on climate change and we feel heartened by the breadth of momentum from the private sector and collaborations between governments that took place outside of the negotiating rooms.

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International Cooperation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

16 December 2022 / WORDS BY Lauren Drake, Maggie Comstock and Johannes Lohmann

Countries made significant progress during COP27 to accelerate the operationalisation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement; however, additional elements will require further work over the next year(s).

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The US takes bold action on Nature-Based Solutions

12 December 2022 / WORDS BY Dr Carter Ingram, Executive Director

The roadmap is described as a “strategy to scale up NBS” and it addresses multiple barriers that have hindered the uptake of these approaches in the past.

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