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Nature the most fundamental form of capital

26 August 2020 / WORDS BY Martijn Wilder AM

A new investment thematic – Natural capital – is emerging.  Natural capital can help pension and sovereign wealth funds meet their need for mandated returns, and satisfy their requirements to do so in a way that is not only less harmful, but has the potential to restore the environment.

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Cutting through complexity: Making informed policy decisions in engaging with international carbon markets post-Paris Agreement

11 December 2023 / WORDS BY Veda FitzSimons, Maggie Comstock and William Acworth

The future of the international carbon market hinges on the domestic implementation of the rulebook for cooperation laid out in the Paris Agreement, known as Article 6. Yet frameworks to implement Article 6 are complex and continue to evolve.

We are delighted to have partnered with the Asian Development Bank on a new report that sets out the key strategic questions countries must consider in determining whether and how they engage with carbon markets in the post-Paris Agreement era.

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Building a trust infrastructure for the transition economy

20 November 2023 / WORDS BY Pollination

We recently sat down with Fiùtur’s CEO, Joe Madden, to learn how trust infrastructure enables economy participants to obtain fit-for-purpose, actionable information by interacting through digitized governance roles for the purpose of financing the economy transition.

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Pollination at COP28

09 November 2023 / WORDS BY Pollination

As COP28 gets underway, Pollination will be on the ground alongside our project partners to accelerate the transition to a net zero, nature positive future. 

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California’s landmark legislation advances climate disclosure

10 October 2023 / WORDS BY Matthew Cranford & Megan Svedman

On 7 October, California passed the first significant corporate climate disclosure requirements in the United States, slated to have far-reaching impacts on both public and private companies alike.

Governor Newsom signed two bills into law that will require certain climate-related disclosures from large public and private U.S. companies doing business in California. California Senate Bill (SB) 253 requires firms with annual revenue of $1 billion or more to annually disclose Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while SB 261 requires those with annual revenue over $0.5 billion to biennially report their climate-related financial risks. The laws are estimated to cover over 5,300 and 10,000 companies, respectively.

California is an established climate leader and one of the world’s largest economies. Developing legal requirements for corporate climate disclosure in the state will have significant national and international effects.

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Driving action, catalysing change at NYC Climate Week 2023

27 September 2023 / WORDS BY Pollination

Running from 17 September through 24 September 2023, Climate Week NYC was an amalgamation of approved events hosted by businesses, governments, academic institutions, arts and music organizations, and nonprofits. This year there were a record number of 585 official affiliated events, all occurring alongside myriad unofficial events and meetings throughout the city.

Over the course of the week, the Pollination team was out in full force, delivering critical thought leadership on topics that were top-of-mind for many participants, driving engagement in difficult conversations, and participating in key moments throughout myriad events. Here are three of our team’s key takeaways from Climate Week NYC.

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Dr. Helen Crowley on leveraging the power of biodiversity and nature to drive equitable economic progress

21 September 2023 / WORDS BY Pollination

This week, Pollination Managing Director Dr. Helen Crowley kicked off SDG Action Weekend in New York by attending a panel hosted by the United Nations on ‘Leveraging the power of biodiversity and nature to drive equitable economic progress’.

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