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Breakthrough Advisory Services

Pollination provides expert advice related to strategy, risk and governance, as well as law and policy, unlocking new value and helping you to build organisational resilience.

Climate change and the decarbonising of economies presents unprecedented physical and transitional risks, as well as significant opportunities in moving to net-zero, more climate resilient outcomes. We work with governments, corporates and financial institutions, to understand and manage these risks and build long term resilience for economies and businesses. 


Our expertise and focus spans seven key sectors of the economy – food, fibre and agriculture, energy and infrastructure, investment and financial services, health, transport and logistics, and nature based solutions. 

Our advisory services include:

  • Transition and decarbonisation business strategies, including corporate finance 
  • Structuring innovative capital market and investment opportunities
  • Climate risk assessment and disclosure, including TCFD
  • Board and executive leadership
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Establishing and embedding ESG frameworks
  • Industry coalition building and advocacy
  • Carbon markets and other nature-based solutions
  • Policy, legal and regulatory advice

Supporting our strategic advice, Pollination Law provides specialist legal advice on climate risk, investment, carbon markets and other nature-based solutions.

We believe that combining strategy, law and investment with policy is key to accelerating the transition to net zero. We work with governments and policy makers to develop law and governance systems that unlock the billions in public climate funding.


Project Investment

We create and originate new investment solutions for corporations and governments to accelerate the transition to net zero. 

Our unmatched expert team advising on decarbonisation, combined with asset management expertise, means we are well placed to identify and develop novel project investment opportunities and partnerships that range from renewable energy to carbon investments to technology solutions.  

Through this, we will bridge the gap between “advisory” and “asset management”, between “idea” and “investible proposition” to unlock new decarbonisation projects and businesses. Our project investment initiatives are often in partnership with our clients or other stakeholders, and our core focus is on delivering both impact and returns.  


Asset Management

Our experienced investment team and access to capital bring together platforms and funds for investments that accelerate transition to a net-zero, more climate resilient future. 

With decades of global leadership in strategy, complex transactions, private equity and financing, our investment theme will focus not only on “deep green” opportunities, but early-stage “pathway” technical and operational improvements as key enablers for the transition to net zero 

Our global investment strategies include innovative approaches to blending public and private capital and, where appropriate, risk transfer tools that enable the mobilisation of capital. 

Harnessing our diverse expertise, we design and seek to invest in breakthrough ideas to deliver financial returns. 

We create investment-ready projects, and scale and coordinate capital to deliver them. 

Our investment themes include:

  • Nature-based carbon and agriculture, including forests, carbon farming, re-generative agriculture and ag-tech, water and blue carbon
  • Decarbonisation of hard-to-abate high emitting sectors, including aviation, steel and cement
  • Sustainable, climate resilient infrastructure, including greening cities and the circular economy
  • Digital infrastructure, including for efficient clean energy and infrastructure operation
  • Transport, electric vehicle infrastructure and networks
  • Energy transformation, including renewables and hydrogen

Through venture capital investments, we will help scale ideas that have the potential to transform the sectors we advise on and invest in. We will focus on ideas that leverage our team’s expertise and networks to drive growth and value, and those which can be scaled up across multiple jurisdictions and supported by concessional finance to further leverage impact. Our venture capital focus reflects our core investment themes.  

In 2020, Pollination partnered with HSBC to launch Climate Asset Management, which aims to be the world’s largest dedicated natural capital asset manager, committing to raising $6 billion over a series of funds. 


Pollination Law

We help our clients understand and navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of climate law and environmental markets.

Challenges related to climate change cut across all sectors of the economy and transcend borders, and we have the legal and policy capabilities to provide effective solutions.

Our legal practice is comprised of global leaders in climate law with over 20 years’ of experience in carbon markets and other climate finance mechanisms. Integrity is at the core of our work in environmental markets, and we seek to ensure that market activity values nature and accelerates global ambition to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

We provide advice on carbon-related investments, carbon markets (compliance and voluntary), climate policy frameworks (including Article 6 of the Paris Agreement) and nature-based climate solutions.

Our clients include entities engaged in environmental markets from a range of perspectives, including investors, financial institutions, multilateral development banks, technology providers, market intermediaries, NGOs and project developers.

Our legal service includes:

  • Transactional support, including for carbon credit deals in voluntary and compliance markets
  • Due diligence for carbon investments
  • Law and policy advice, including related to REDD+ and Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

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