Speeding up the transition to sustainable shipping

17 April 2024 / published on The Business Times

Singapore is working hard to take the lead on sustainable marine fuels, Diego de Sartiges writes for The Business Times

Corporate Japan’s passion for protecting nature is inspiring

17 April 2024 / published on Nikkei Asia

Japanese companies are taking the lead on nature. Guy Williams investigates why it is so.

Landmark legal opinion paves way for nature to enter the boardroom

20 March 2024

Words by Thea Philip, Associate Director and James Cameron, Senior Advisor The world’s biodiversity is declining faster than at any other time in human history, largely due to human activity. Recent analysis highlights the scale of the crisis, with wildlife populations declining by almost 70% since 1970 and global extinction rates now up to hundreds of […]

Companies looking to offset carbon tax will have to wait some time more for worthy projects

15 January 2024 / published on The Straits Times

As a higher carbon tax kicks in, companies eager to have a slice of the carbon markets pie in Papua New Guinea, the only country with which Singapore has a carbon trade agreement, may have to wait a little longer. This is because high-quality projects that truly benefit the climate have yet to become available, although some are currently in the works.

“The Singapore Government has indicated that the quality of the credits will be key,” said Mr Law Heng Dean, managing director of climate change investment and advisory firm Pollination Group. 

“That’s something that is going to be important for Singapore’s carbon trading ambitions going forward and is also a key global trend,” he added.

Companies buying carbon credits to meet their climate targets are also increasingly scrutinising projects and will want to make sure that they purchase credits of high quality and integrity, said Mr Law.

Now is the time for Vietnam to climb high on climate and nature

30 November 2023

Vietnam’s economy has multiplied in size by 13 times since the mid-1990s. It’s an amazing economic and social success story but one that urgently needs redefining as the global economy shifts towards net zero.

In the nine years I’ve been living here the changes have been phenomenal. Foreign investment has rolled in, and manufacturing, agriculture and other industries have greatly expanded as Vietnam has become a crucial exporter of goods to nations such as Japan, Korea and the United States.

Now, as the world rapidly transitions to meet the challenge of climate change, Vietnam has choices to make. The well-worn Vietnamese proverb says that ‘climbing high is scary but crawling low leads to death.’ Taking a risk can be dangerous, but what’s far more dangerous is not being bold or ambitious enough.

The legal threat from biodiversity risk

06 November 2023 / published on Financial Times

A whole new can of worms is opening up for board directors, according to a noteworthy legal opinion published yesterday in Australia — this time around nature and biodiversity.
Today we released a new report: Driving Australian Climate Innovation: Unlocking capital to support a clean industrial revolution, along with the Investor Group on Climate Change.

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