Pollination supports IFM Investors to achieve carbon neutrality across Private Equity portfolio

13 January 2022 / published on Financial Standard

All companies in industry super-owned global funds manager IFM Investors’ Private Equity portfolio have achieved carbon neutrality, as fully certified by Climate Active, which represents the Australian Government’s certification standard.

Pollination and Pathzero supported IFM’s approach to emissions reduction for its Private Equity portfolio is part of IFM’s firm-wide commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across its asset classes, targeting Net Zero by 2050.

It is believed to be the first PE team in Australia to achieve carbon neutrality across its entire portfolio.

Post COP26 optimism about reaching Paris climate goals

14 November 2021 / published on The Hill

“There’s a significant move from where we started two weeks ago in terms of the pledges when you add them all up,” said Rick Saines, leading climate lawyer and Pollination Partner.

“The other thing that has been renewed is a commitment to come back next year and not just wait another five years to update NDCs,” he added. “So this is a decision that the parties have taken to keep the pressure on and keep the focus on increasing the ambition to bring us in line with 1.5.”

Australian carbon credit prices hit record high on demand surge

22 September 2021 / published on

“Alongside corporates looking to implement their net zero strategies, we are also seeing interest in the Australian market from investors that are increasingly viewing carbon as an asset class,” Phil Cohn

How much is a tree worth? Investors seek to build a market for nature

02 June 2021 / published on Financial Times

As organisations seek to make good on net zero commitments, interest in offsets has soared. Climate Asset Management, the venture between HSBC and Pollination, said it intended to launch a carbon offsets fund of up to $2bn.

Coal Scores a Win as Wider Climate Reckoning Rocks Fossil Fuels

27 May 2021 / published on

“Internationally, we’re seeing the transition to net zero accelerating across all sectors,” said Zoe Whitton

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