Nature is Capital


Our mission is to develop and deliver investment solutions that accelerate the transition to a net zero, nature and climate resilient future.

Climate Asset Management was formed in 2020 as a joint venture of HSBC Asset Management and Pollination, with the ambition to grow the world’s largest asset management company dedicated to natural capital.

We aim to provide investment solutions that are good for nature, people, and our planet.

Our people and our partnerships are what drive our success. Our people bring decades of experience across asset management, natural capital investing, and carbon . We partner with highly experienced operators and project developers to deliver on-the-ground. We benefit from a unique combination of market access, insights, and deep experience provided by our shareholders and their group of companies.

Our strategies seek to work across landscapes to build resilience whilst generating returns, both financial and in the form of carbon credits.

Our investment strategies are grounded in nature based investments, including sustainable forestry, regenerative agriculture, and nature based carbon projects, alongside exploration of new forms of natural capital.