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Coming to terms with climate change: How companies and investors should respond to the latest climate science

01 November 2021 / WORDS BY Zoe Whitton, Geoff Summerhayes and Martijn Wilder AM

The latest Pollination Insight report provides our perspectives on how executives should contend with COP26, recent updates to climate science and the commercial and regulatory pressures which we believe will emerge or escalate in the coming year.

In our view, the private and public sectors are just starting to come to terms with the scale of change and risk implied by climate change, and we expect a significant step up in activity in the next eighteen months.

The past few months have been punctuated by rolling updates regarding the state of the science on climate change, the latest observations regarding the energy transition, and commentary from global institutions regarding the speed of change. As with many of our clients, we received the IPCC’s sixth assessment report with interest. The report was summarised by some scientists as “more detailed, more certain”, and in our reading we also noted more extreme. The months since have also seen the release of the updated IEA World Energy Outlook (WEO) and UNEP’s Production Gap report.

Coming into COP26, this report reflects on these developments and what they mean for companies, investors and governments.



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