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Dr. Helen Crowley on leveraging the power of biodiversity and nature to drive equitable economic progress

21 September 2023 / WORDS BY Pollination

Economic growth is only sustainable if it is in line with the limits of nature. Through transformative economic policies and new investments, sustainable job creation can be achieved while protecting the global commons, respecting rights, and delivering nature-based benefits for all, but we must intentionally factor in the values of nature and biodiversity to do so.

This week, Pollination Managing Director Dr. Helen Crowley kicked off SDG Action Weekend in New York by attending a panel hosted by the United Nations on ‘Leveraging the power of biodiversity and nature to drive equitable economic progress’.

In this session, the Biodiversity & Nature High Impact Initiatives brought together countries undertaking significant economic shifts, and catalyzing a global movement in evidence-based policies and investments for an inclusive green transition that accelerates progress on the SDGs, recognizes and supports nature contributions and dependencies, and reduces related risks to support a Biodiversity Economy.

Leading & Collaborating Agencies:

  • UNEP
  • FAO
  • CBD
  • UNDP
  • UN Habitat
  • WFP
  • WIPO

Watch the full session here.


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