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Inside Pollination: Mila Cerecina on why courageous creativity is needed to tackle the climate crisis

13 June 2022 / WORDS BY Pollination and Mila Cerecina, Executive Director

To address the twin climate and biodiversity crises, faster action and greater investment are needed on a global scale. New ideas and collaboration across borders will be vital to connect the dots of a fragmented ecosystem in order to transform the world’s economy and finance systemic change.

At Pollination, we draw on a global team to tackle a global issue. We have brought together a diverse and unique community of the brightest minds from different industries across the world to disrupt the status quo, with a mission to build a network capable of delivering the right solutions, faster.

As part of a series of interviews from inside the Pollination community we talked to Mila Cerecina, an Executive Director in our Sydney team, about what courageous creativity looks like in practice and how her passion for social justice has influenced her career path.


What led you to a career in climate change?   

The momentum of climate change action and urgency is so powerful that it almost feels inevitable that I’m in this field. My background is one of public service on social and economic issues in Australia and abroad, and over time it just became loud and clear in my field that climate change was exacerbating inequalities and impacting our ability to achieve economic security and social wellbeing. So what led me to climate change was really its impact on people and my commitment to work in on the issues that help people thrive. I worked in the social impact space in the US for over a decade, culminating at a major global human rights philanthropy where I focused on expanding its core mandate to include just transition, climate adaptation and resilience, and greater flows of climate investment and finance. I joined Pollination because it is such a mission-driven environment at the intersection of climate, nature and social sustainability, and allows me to not only combine and deepen my experience but to support the practical ‘how to get there’ challenges of businesses, governments and change makers.

What do you enjoy most about the role? 

The climate and nature field is always evolving and it takes expertise to support organisations to make the right choices amid high uncertainty. The work we are doing is cutting-edge and it’s exciting to be a part of an organisation which is rewriting the rule book. For example, what it means for a business to contribute to a nature-positive future is only just beginning to emerge, and we are at the forefront of distilling the leading guidance, translating what that means in practice, and supporting businesses to take a credible leadership stance.

What makes Pollination different?

It might sound like a cliche but it’s the people who make it unique. It’s hard to find a workplace where everyone is passionate, incredibly, smart and good-hearted all across the business.

The values at Pollination really do permeate the company which is refreshing. Before I joined I was intrigued to see that ‘courageous creativity’ was a value but it’s not just words on a page – it is something I see my colleagues demonstrating daily. The team are systems thinkers who see beyond the horizon, and every day that motivates and helps me to achieve the same.

How are you supported in your career?  

There’s a huge amount to absorb and learn in this field every day, but I love that from day one I have been encouraged to bring my unique ideas and experience to the table. There is a conviction that in order to develop the solutions needed, new thinking and collaboration are necessary so my non-traditional route into this role is seen as an advantage.

What makes you optimistic about the future?

There is so much to do and we are far from where we need to be. What makes me optimistic and hopeful is the acceleration in action and accountability for a net zero, nature-positive future from all parts of our economy. From new global frameworks entering the scene like the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures, to the proposed US Securities and Exchange Commission rule to enhance and standardise climate-related disclosures. From the increasing number of bold Scope 3 emissions targets by corporates, to the dedicated global work of advocates at the intersection of climate and social sustainability. The invitation to a better future is clear and urgent. And it starts here.


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