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Pollination’s inaugural natural world staff photo competition

21 December 2023 / WORDS BY Pollination

It’s safe to say Pollination has unearthed some photographic talent in the nature lovers that make up our global team! Our first official natural world staff photo competition resulted in over 100 entries from across the globe, ranging from Costa Rica’s rainforests to the North Pole and everywhere in between.

Please enjoy our top twelve entries for this year, and congratulations to our 2023 winner, Harrison Pharamond, for his incredible manta ray entry taken in the Maldives.

The 12 natural world photo competition finalists of 2023

Finalists (from left)

  1. WINNER “A reef manta ray soars through pristine waters.” Raa Atoll, Maldives. By Harrison Pharamond.
  2. “Trees open up the blinds in the morning.” Great Forest National Park, Australia. By Charles Ramsden.
  3. “Say cheese!” Cow in the Julian Alps, Slovenia. By Felix Qin.
  4. “All aboard!” Nurse shark and remoras, Maldives. By Gail Sucharitakul.
  5. “The squad has arrived.” Nurse sharks, Maldives. By Gail Sucharitakul.
  6. “Surely somewhere, on one of the rocks, circling one of these dots, a creature is also out camping tonight, looking up at me.” Milky Way, Canberra. By Sam Wagstaff.
  7. “ORANGE you glad there’s nothing to feel BLUE about when working to help our beautiful planet!” Upper Antelope Canyon, USA. Claire Juracka.
  8. “Black beard: the colour of a lion, the heart of a dragon. My name is Bert.” Bearded dragon, Australia. By Kim McCarthy.
  9. “Brothers in arms.” Golden snub-nosed monkeys, Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve, China. By Guy Williams.
  10. “Capturing frozen finger-like Icelandic canyons with my frozen fingers.” The Julian Alps, Slovenia. By Felix Qin.
  11. “Shower buddies.” Green tree frogs, Australia. By Thea Philip.
  12. “Somewhere over the Rocky Mountains between Colorado and Utah.” USA. By Harrison Pharamond.


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