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Progressing the effort to make regenerative agriculture the new normal

05 June 2024 / WORDS BY Pollination

As the world increasingly turns to regenerative agriculture to protect biodiversity and adapt food systems to the changing climate, there is a pressing need for coordinated efforts to mobilize and expand capital investments in the space. Investing in sustainable farming practices allows financiers to transform the food value chain, capitalize on transition opportunities that yield financial returns, foster more robust economies, and promote sustainable and equitable agricultural practices globally.

However, many stakeholders are uncertain about how to develop scalable financial structures that support the shift to sustainable food systems despite growing interest.

Pollination and Transformational Investing in Food Systems (TIFS) have recently teamed up with The Rockefeller Foundation to unveil a comprehensive report on the landscape of financing resources for regenerative agriculture, which will serve as a valuable resource for key market participants including development finance institutions, large family offices, asset managers, institutional investors, and philanthropists.

Drawing from over 40 primary interviews with field practitioners, the report highlights promising financial instruments that have the potential to benefit millions of producers, regenerate extensive tracts of land, and mobilize substantial funds in both developed and emerging markets.

“This new body of work addresses a critical need in the global push for regenerative agriculture,” said Dave Haynes, Managing Director at Pollination. “We are excited to highlight the breadth of economically enticing incentives that will bring more constituents to the table.”



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